Rand Paul has reportedly convinced Trump to repeal Obamacare now, replace later?

(From The Blaze)

Politico said that Trump views obtaining Paul’s vote as a challenge.

“He is very persuasive,” Paul told Politico of Trump.

However, Paul seems to be the more persuasive of the two. According to Politico, both Paul, and now Trump, seem more focused on tearing Obamacare down than replacing it.

Politico reported Thursday that Trump’s office of legislative affairs’ Paul Teller told conservative groups that Trump will only sign repeal only legislation. This frustrates McConnell’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare with GOP-lead legislation simultaneously, but it does accomplish a long sought after goal of Paul’s.

Politico said that McConnell has given up Paul as a “lost cause,” according to an unnamed aide. Additionally, Trump administration aides believe it’s a waste of time to call Paul. However, those close to Paul say that the president and the Kentucky senator have a “great relationship.”

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