Seattle lawmakers pass tax on highest earners; mayor eager to be sued

It should be noted that Seattle actually has a statue to Lenin on display. They should have kept the red paint on his hands. But you know – “progress.” Talk about profound idiocy.

But hey. People can move. And they likely will. So chase the poor people out by raising the minimum wage. Then chase the new money out by taxing their income. Oh and don’t forget licensing dog walkers.

The rain in Seattle is taking its toll on people’s minds.

On the other hand this comes as a response to federal budget cuts. So if the damp urbanites of Seattle want to fund their own programs, go for it. This is how it should be. We don’t want to pay for your silliness. You do it.

(From Yahoo News)

The campaign for the new tax on Seattle’s richest was launched earlier this year by Trump Proof Seattle, a coalition of community activists and residents.

Proceeds from the tax could be used to pay for transit services and affordable housing, Murray said. The city has been grappling with soaring housing prices in recent years, fueled in part by the growth of online retailer, which is headquartered in downtown Seattle.

Voters in Olympia, the state capital, rejected a similar tax on its highest earners last year. In 2010, Washington state voters rejected a state income tax at the ballot box.

Jason Mercier, a director at the conservative Washington Policy Center, said Seattle’s tax conflicts with state law and court decisions. He said he expects the city to face a swift legal challenge after Murray signs the measure into law.

“There’s something fundamentally wrong with elected officials passing a tax they know is against state law and the constitution with the hope of being sued and having a judge overturn prior decisions,” Mercier said.

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