The “barnacled enabler” McCain betrays conservatives, country on Obamacare repeal

He figured that re-election wasn’t an issue and so he did the wrong thing.

Having followed McCain, and even having supported him in 2000, there is likely a serious dose of spite in his vote.

Maybe not. Maybe he wasn’t trying to get back at anyone. But hey so what? Blowing up repeal is still wrong.

This is the same guy who once called for mandatory government service for young people. He believes in big government. He has enabled the warmongers at every turn. So I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Just another holdover clinging to the New Deal, Cold War era world he knew.

(From the Washington Times)

Drained by self-inflicted wounds, shifting aims and unrelenting protests, Republicans’ push to kill off President Obama’s signature health law sputtered out of gas early Friday, as Senate leaders failed to rally the votes for a significantly pared-down repeal bill in a vote after midnight.

Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who stormed back to Washington after a shocking cancer diagnosis, cast a pivotal “no” vote as three Republicans linked arms with every Democrat to doom the plan.

The vote leaves President Trump without a clear path to repeal and heaps grave doubt on the GOP’s seven-year promise to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, though Mr. Trump quickly pivoted to a new Plan B — “let ObamaCare implode.”

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