“The Freedom Caucus plan does not alter the Obamacare insurance regulations.”

(Altering Obamacare insurance regs significantly) is of course the key thing that needs to be done. We must allow a consumer led health care system to emerge and compete with a government led one. The most essential regulation change would be allowing sale of catastrophic plans that are not part of the Obamacare risk pool.

Not everyone needs “wellness visits.” We go to the doctor WAY too often in this country and many everyday illnesses can be addressed with diet and exercise. You know it. I know it. The government knows it. Doctors know it. Your mom knows it. Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for things like birth control, erectile dysfunction meds, flu visits, vaccines, and so on. What everyone, or nearly everyone needs is CATASTROPHIC HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE. If one gets cancer or some other horrible disease most of us need insurance and such policies can be underwritten so that such coverage can be affordable. If we are afraid that people will get sick and go bankrupt then here’s how you solve it. It is on CATASTROPHIC HEALTH INSURANCE that we should be focusing our attention. This is the SOLUTION.

Then open up pricing so consumers can see how much procedures actually cost. How is that not the case now? Until we do that, expanding any government insurance scheme should be totally off the table.

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