Tom Coburn: We Will Get 34 States for Article V Constitutional Convention to Drain the Swamp

Summer intern on The Hill?

(From Breitbart)

“In New York State, Oklahoma, Kansas, and every other state, if you look at the money raised in-state, an unelected federal bureaucrat tells you how to spend 60 percent of it – how you must spend 60 percent of it, and what the rules are,” he explained.

He said this was contrary to the American ideal of individuals deciding their own futures and shaping the future of their communities through city councils and state legislatures.

“The way to smash this republic is by using Article V to re-establish and return the Constitution to the relationship that it was intended to be,” Coburn said. “What that means is a limited federal government with decisions made at state houses and local communities, and the federal government doing what it was supposed to do, the limited role that it’s supposed to have.”

“The assumption of a monopoly usually is, when they have such great power, there’s no consideration given for anybody else’s thought,” he observed. “So ask yourself the question, ‘How well is Washington working today? How well is Congress working today?’ They’re not, and the cost to bear them is tremendous.”

“You know, this monopoly is going to put our kids – I’m talking about the millennials, the largest demographic in our country – the average millennial is on the hook right now for $1,700,000 that will have to be paid back in the next 50 years,” Coburn reflected. “What I’m talking about is the 50-year unfunded liabilities of Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, disability, military pensions, federal government pensions; it’s $144 trillion.”

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