Very Unfortunate, An Afront to The Constitution: Sessions to step up drug-war seizures

Civil asset forfeiture is an afront to the Constitution. The cops shouldn’t just be able to take your stuff just because they “believe” that you are engaged in, or have engaged in illegal activity.

We DO STILL have a 4th and 5th Amendment to the Constitution and The Constitution is supposed to be the law of the land.

(From Politico)

The practice has long been a bugaboo for libertarian and conservative activists who view it as a short-cut around the Constitution’s requirement that guilt be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Indeed, some Republican lawmakers were among the first to express alarm in advance of Sessions announcement. Rep. Darrell Issa of California noted that many states have taken steps to rein in such seizures, often requiring that they be linked to a criminal conviction, but the federal move amounts to an end-run around those efforts.

“This is a troubling decision for the due process protections afforded to us under the Fourth Amendment as well as the growing consensus we’ve seen nationwide on this issue,” Issa said. “Ramping up adoptive forfeitures would circumvent much of the progress state legislatures have made to curb forfeiture abuse and expand a loophole that’s become a central point of contention nationwide. Criminals shouldn’t be able to keep the proceeds of their crime, but innocent Americans shouldn’t lose their right to due process, or their private property rights, in order to make that happen.”

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