Want to make BANK? Be a CEO of a taxpayer funded non-profit, $870,000/year for Urban League head

This is a shocker. People in the poverty business making huge piles of money? Who would have thought? I mean it’s not like the people at ACORN were crooks. Or Al Sharpton. Or Jesse Jackson. Or the people who run much of places like Chicago, Detroit, New York, and LA. No no, these people are for helping the poor. Selfless servants seeking justice. No way they are lining their own pockets and scamming the tax base.

Why is it that only partisan Republicans seem to ever say anything about this? I mean it seems to me that good hearted Dems would be interested in uncovering this kind of stuff too.

(From The Daily Caller)

Those organizations paid their top leaders more than $341,00 on average in 2015, according to their IRS Form 990 tax forms, which is nearly 14 times the annual income for a four-person family at the federal government’s official poverty line. Meanwhile, almost half of the revenue the groups received came from the government on average between 2013 and 2015.

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