Google Critic Ousted From Think Tank Funded by the Tech Giant (The Corporate Left drops a hammer)

Google is a beast. It is massive. Eric Schmidt, the company’s head was a huge proponent of Hillary Clinton. He even founded a company – GROUNDWORK – for the sole purpose of getting Ms. Clinton elected. Google is a great example of the Corporate Left. And it wields massive power.

So it is interesting to see this story from The New York Times. It seems someone at the lefty New America Foundation forgot who was in charge recently when he argued that the regulatory penalties levied in Europe against the Monster of Mountain View were a good idea.

Bad idea dude.

(From The New York Times)

In the hours after European antitrust regulators levied a record $2.7 billion fine against Google in late June, an influential Washington think tank learned what can happen when a tech giant that shapes public policy debates with its enormous wealth is criticized.

The New America Foundation has received more than $21 million from Google; its parent company’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt; and his family’s foundation since the think tank’s founding in 1999. That money helped to establish New America as an elite voice in policy debates on the American left.

But not long after one of New America’s scholars posted a statement on the think tank’s website praising the European Union’s penalty against Google, Mr. Schmidt, who had been chairman of New America until 2016, communicated his displeasure with the statement to the group’s president, Anne-Marie Slaughter, according to the scholar.

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