Govt = The UNICORPORATION – Jason Chaffetz: ‘Deep State’ Trying To Undermine Trump

An exchange on Facebook with a lefty friend of mine (I have a good number) on UNICORPORATISM.

That’s about right. Though Mr. Trump isn’t doing himself any favors. He should rise above the fray but he seems unable to, at least to date.

Also the “deep state” really is just the government. In too many respects is an insidious beast that works for itself primarily. It is the great unicorporate blob. The biggest of all corporations and the one that has the monopoly of force. Trump has challenged Bureaucracy Inc. and the boys in the home office don’t like it.

(From The Daily Caller)

“They need to start putting people in handcuffs,” Chaffetz said. “The deputy attorney general has no credibility on this, he is doing a press conference, most people don’t understand there are 72 inspectors general that have 13,000 employees. There are 500 inspectors general in just the Department of Justice. Report after report after report, when I was chairing [the House Oversight Committee], we read reports making criminal referrals to the Department of Justice and they don’t prosecute these people.”

“We could sit here all day long, look at people in the past, federal employees, violated the law documented by the inspector general, go put them in handcuffs we’ll get some credibility.”

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