Yes, you can reject Antifa Commies and Alt Right Nazis at the same time (And Dear Lord, please do!)

Of course one can. We do. Alt-right national socialists, alt-left socialist socialists, both groups deny the importance of the individual and celebrate collectivism. They both worship the state. They both live for the hive.

That ain’t what ‘Merica stands for in my opinion.

(From The Libertarian Republic)

What’s astounding about these two groups, Antifa communists and Alt Right Nazis is the minimum degrees of separation between their political ideals. Both represent big government. Both represent central planning. Both represent a form of socialism which decrees that an individual’s liberty must give way to the nation-state. Communism and Nazism are merely the Janus coin, reflecting one another and battling for supremacy over who will control the commanding heights of the economy.

“But Nazis weren’t socialists!” 

Yes, they were. Socialism is central planning. The Nazi platform demanded the nationalization of enterprise. They demanded old age pension schemes, and the communal ownership of department stores. The Nazis despised materialism, and sought to replace it with a socialized system. They wanted socialization of higher education, compulsory physical fitness, and the subsidization of government approved works of art. Socialism is what socialism socializes. Alt Right leader Richard Spencer has proudly supported universal healthcare and Scandinavian socialism.

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