Ahead of November Election, Virginia Scraps Use of ‘Hackable’ Voting Machines

(From WVTF)

Virginia’s Department of Elections quickly ordered its own testing. In August, the state’s IT agency rounded up some of the machines and conducted their own review. In a letter sent to localities, the Commissioner at the Department of Elections Edgardo Cortés notified localities.

Two weeks later, the results of that review concerned Cortés enough that he called an emergency meeting of the Board of Elections. Results of the review weren’t made public and the Board went into closed session Friday to hear the details.

Alex Blakemore with Virginia Verified Voting has long advocated for the machines to be decertified. While he hasn’t seen what the latest testing shows, he does remember the results of a similar security review back in 2015.

“The machines were unbelievably vulnerable. They had wifi on them which, why would you want wifi on a voting machine?” Blakemore asked. “You could hack in remotely, the password was abcde.”

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