GOP, Can You Hear Us Normals Now?

Many of our “liberal” friends do not realize that “Republican” at this moment is almost a pejorative for most Republicans outside of the Beltway.

Many of the Beltway Republicans thought they’d weathered the TEA Party (TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY) storm. Well, go talk to Senator Corker.

(From TownHall)

Uehlinger’s also a message. Roy Moore is a message. And there are more messages coming in 2018.

Are you listening? GOP, can you hear us normals now?

See, we’re serious. The ritual sacrifice of Eric Cantor was not a fluke. The election of Donald Trump was not a fluke. None of this is a fluke. We really mean it. We want change. And if you won’t give it to us, we’ll fire you and elect someone who will.

Yeah, we get the down side. That seat in Tennessee was safe and driving Corker out might put it at risk. But sometimes you gotta pull a Mel Gibson in Ransom move. We win big or lose it all; let’s roll them bones.

Primarying incumbents is a high stakes play, but hey – it’s only our country that’s at stake. We face an enemy that hates us, that wants us suppressed and silenced, that will do everything it can to take our First, Second, and every other Amendment’s rights from us and condemn us to a future of baking liberals’ cakes and fearing that we might be jailed for using the wrong pronoun. There’s a real threat to the United States continuing as we know it. We see it. Do you? If you Republicans are too weak and cowardly to fight, then we lose it all, and we know it. We’re woke – ask one of your Millennial interns what that means.

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