Hillary: I Lost Because Bernie Promised Everyone a Pony


More like a unicorn. Ponies are real. But we get Hill’s point here.

So what she’s saying is she got beaten at the Democratic Party game. She should have known better. She knows to say anything, do anything to get elected. She should have “out-ponied” Bernie and just declared that the Age of Aquarius was upon us.

Universal “free” (as in paid for by someone other than you) healthcare. Guaranteed jobs. Gender “equality.” (Or “equity” as this is the the new politically correct spin – “equality” is a sexist term now – and racist.) “Free” college. Taxpayer funded birth control. Trips to the Moon and Mars. And “free” electric cars. And what else? Oh yeah, ponies. Free ponies.

At least when the whole socialistic system that some people seem to want implodes on itself one can eat the ponies.

(From Reason)

In her forthcoming book about the 2016 election, What Happened, Hillary Clinton complains that her chief opponent in the primaries, Bernie Sanders, consistently undercut her by one-upping her “bold” and “ambitious” proposals without explaining how his policies would work.

In other words, Sanders did to Clinton what Democrats have done to their critics for years: Frame any worry about the costs and unintended consequences of a program as a lack of concern for the problem the program is supposed to address. After years of cultivating economic illiteracy, the party reaped the results.

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