Maxine Waters calls Tucker a racist for asking how she got so rich on a lawmaker’s salary (VIDEO)

I don’t know how we missed this one from July. But it’s a good one. Maxine Waters, Ms. “Putin invaded Korea,” lives in a $4 million dollar home outside of her own district. Tucker simply asks “Where’d the money came from?” She, being Maxine Waters bristled at Tucker’s question.

This is common story. Many politicians seem to magically get rich when they come to Congress. Pelosi, Reid, many others had their portfolios explode once they got to Washington DC.

Look, this is a truth that many of our “liberal” readers just do not get, at least the “liberal” readers not on the take, but “big government” is about enriching the political class and entrenching the people who are dependent on the government. The last thing big government politicians want is for people to be able to live without government programs. That would mean they the statist pols would have nothing to do and no way to fleece taxpayers. Big government politicians need people on welfare. They need corporate welfare. They need a pot of taxpayer gold into which they can dip their hands. (Most of the time legally.)

It’s a scam “liberal” friends and readers. It’s a scam.