More PC SCARE: Google Issues Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Remove ‘Hateful’ Article or Lose Ad Revenue (But Google does business with the US taxpayer)

The good ole’ days.

Sometimes algorithms aren’t enough to suppress speech apparently. This is a very dangerous trend from Google.

Though Google is a private company, and as such can do what it wants, it is also a company that contracts extensively with the government. It is paid bajilions (a technical term) for projects that are funded by the US taxpayer. It is reasonable then to consider whether taxpayers should continue contracting with a company that seeks to limit speech the way Google clearly does.

This is political correctness, straight up Orwellian thought police stuff, gone corporate.

However Google might not be free and clear to do as it wishes because it is tied so intimately to the US taxpayer. Our lawmakers should consider this closely. To be anti-speech is to be anti-US citizen. It is anathema to what this country is all about. Should taxpayers do business with a company that seeks to suppress speech? 

I will say that Google has proven a very useful site over the years. It has added great value to many lives including those here. However, the Political Correctness Scare has gotten to be too much. The New Red Brigades, the people who would shut up opposing voices because they believe that even engaging in a dialogue is too much, are in corporate America. The New Red Brigades seem to care little for the US Constitution. So why should US taxpayers pay companies that give safe harbor to those who are anti-speech and by extension arguably anti-Constitution?

If a corporation does business with the US citizenry it seems that that corporation should be held to the standards of the Constitution.

With great rewards from US taxpayers come great compliance obligations. 

And “progressives” if you think that just because this part of the PC Scare is aimed at “conservatives” you’re in the clear, think again. The PC police have many factions and many of them have things you love in their sights. That is for sure.

( From PJ Media)

On Tuesday evening, Google sent a conservative website an ultimatum: remove one of your articles, or lose the ability to make ad revenue on your website. The website was strong-armed into removing the content, and then warned that the page was “just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website.”

“Yesterday morning, we received a very bizarre letter from Google issuing us an ultimatum,” Shane Trejo, media relations director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan, wrote on The Liberty Conservative. “Either we were to remove a particular article or see all of our ad revenues choked off in an instant. This is the newest method that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control.”

The ultimatum came in the form of an email from Google’s ad placement service AdSense. The email specifically listed an article on The Liberty Conservative’s site, stating that the article violated AdSense’s policies.

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