Multiple arrested after fight inside Berkeley’s ‘empathy tent’

Image: Berkeley Police

“Um…Well you are making me uncomfortable by asserting that my Dishiki is cultural appropriation.”

“Well, I heard you refer to “First People’s Day” as Columbus Day sophomore year. I’ve been uncomfortable with you ever since.”

Oh yeah? Both of you have asserted that Wicca isn’t an actual religion. I remember from the Atheists for Socialism meeting!

“It’s not.”

“OK that makes me very uncomfortable…So, uncomfortable that I just want to…”

(Fists begin to fly as do white kid dreadlocks.)

(From The New York Post)

The empathy tent was reportedly in place to offer protesters a calm place to unwind amid the choas around them. But the tent ultimately offered little respite — and nearly toppled during clashes between conservative students and leftist activists, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“It’s tough, but we do what we can to foster dialogue,” said Edwin Fulch, who reportedly used the tent for talks about the virtues of meditation and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The protest was led by Joey Gibson, leader of a group called Patriot Prayer. Gibson had called for a rally after student organizers canceled a planned “Free Speech Week.”

Counterprotesters determined to shut the event down got into shouting matches and scuffles with Gibson and his supporters inside the tent and later in a city park.

Left-wing activist Yvonne Felarca was arrested for battery and resisting arrest, police said. Three men were arrested on charges including possession of body armor, carrying a banned weapon and participating in a riot.

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