Private Enterprise Is Securing Freedom for Women in Kenya

It is places like this that crypto-currencies will and can do the most good.

(From FEE)

Regarding safety, resources like Kenya’s mobile money product, M-PESA, help reduce the cost of safekeeping money in case of raiders and thieves. M-PESA has created an ease of exchange for the women of Umoja as well as an added level of security when it comes to money. With the availability of mobile money, even in remote villages such as Umoja, transactions with customers rarely require hand-to-hand exchange of cash. Tourists can make payments for jewelry and keepsakes directly from their mobile phones. All the proceeds remain safely stored remotely in a virtual account for the vendor’s use.For almost 30 years, these women have successfully sustained themselves in their small village. 

Besides being fully capable of building their own infrastructure, running their own schools, ensuring a steady supply of water, and cultivating their own foods, these women have taken enforcement and security matters into their own hands. Typically, law enforcement is regarded as a public good in modern society; however, there are instances like this where the public sphere fails to sufficiently provide such goods. In this case, law enforcement in communities like the one housing Umoja and surrounding villages perpetuates a bias that is against the welfare of women.. Because of this, women are not able to rely on state agents for justice and security. The residents of Umoja village have, for that reason, sought their own protection agency: themselves. They operate on a system of rotation for ensuring security as well as law and order.

For almost 30 years, these women have successfully sustained themselves in their small village. I am certain that they will continue to do so with cooperation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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