Pro-Antifa students (literally) give the finger to victims of communism

These people either know what they are doing and are engaging in flat out evil or they are horribly deluded and are engaging in flat out evil. Either way it is disgusting. Perhaps they should consider all the people who were tortured to death, or starved to death, or sent out into the killing fields under communism. But they probably have, and they don’t care. The fact that socialism/communism is a death cult that creates social injustice is lost on these likely privileged college students.

And it’s not like the 30s when we didn’t know the misery that comes with socialism/communism. We know the horrible effects of the materialist dialectic. But these young people still think its cool to insult the hundreds of millions who died and/or suffered under communism. It’s sick. Their parents screwed up.

But don’t worry. We defeated you once. We’ll defeat you again if we have to.


“We won. And let’s not let anybody forget it. We the people, the free and equal citizens of democracies, we living exemplars of the Rights of Man tore a new asshole in International Communism. Their wall is breached. Their gut string is busted. The rot of their dead body politic fills the nostrils of the earth with a glorious stink. We cleaned the clock of Marxism. We mopped the floor with them. We ran the Reds through the wringer and hung them out to dry. The privileges of liberty and the sanctity of the individual went out and whipped butt. – PJ O’Rourke, The Death of Communism November 1989


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Images from Stalin’s Holodomor

Image: World Without Genocide



Image: World Without Genocide