Rand Paul: Why Not Pay For Hurricane Relief By Cutting Foreign Aid Spending?

From last year.

Sounds good to us.

(From The Jack News)

Instead of borrowing the money, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul wants to pay for hurricane relief by cutting foreign aid spending commensurately. If $20 billion is needed for Hurricane Harvey, then foreign aid should be cut by $20 billion.

If another $10 billion is needed on top of that for Hurricane Irma, then foreign aid should be cut by an additional $10 billion. The current foreign aid budget is more than $40 billion, so there is plenty that can be cut to make up for the increase in spending following hurricane season.

Rand Paul’s amendment to the spending bills being considered to provide hurricane relief is aptly titled the “America First” amendment. Unlike many other pieces of legislation, the name is fitting. If passed, the amendment would ensure that every dollar allocated for Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief is paid for with an equal cut to the foreign aid budget.

The amendment’s title also plays off of one of President Trump’s better known campaign slogans. If the President wishes to put the needs of the American people first, then he should support Paul’s hurricane relief amendment.

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