Republicans rip Rand for rejecting Obamacare repeal (And the Kentucky senator is just fine with that.)

(From Politico)

“I’m actually happy to be out there as the leading advocate for repealing Obamacare, not keeping it,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview. Of his GOP colleagues, Paul added: “These people, they so totally do not get it.”…

…But to Paul, his opposition to the Graham-Cassidy measure is a perfectly principled stand. The Graham-Cassidy plan would leave the crux of Obamacare intact, he argues, and that’s simply not good enough for a party that has promised to nix the Democratic health care law.

The Kentucky senator has rattled off a litany of complaints about Graham-Cassidy, saying it would just redistribute a mountain of federal cash from states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare to states that chose not to. Because Republican states would largely benefit at the expense of Democratic ones, Paul said Tuesday, it essentially amounted to “petty partisanship.”

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