The NFL Is a Product I Refuse to Purchase Any Longer

The NFL is a deeply crony organization as we’ve chronicled here. (See the links below.) But now, it feels like the NFL is, if not imploding, just dying on the vine.

Sports in many ways is the thing guys use to NOT talk about politics. It was the thing one could talk about in the elevator, over beers, with one’s father-in-law that in the end didn’t really matter. Dem, Republican, other, whatever, we could all complain about our losing team or celebrate our winning team.

But that luxury it seems has fallen prey to political correctness too. Now we must be “woke” and all that nonsense. We must all pretend that ESPN hasn’t completely lost its mind and gone off the PC cliff. We must now pretend like the NFL actually matters.

Actually we don’t have to pretend. And people aren’t anymore as this article illustrates.

Look I don’t sweat the national anthem thing. Fine, don’t stand. But don’t act like some people (other than me) shouldn’t dislike you for it. And don’t act like you are some hero for not standing. Everyone knows you’re not a hero, even the people cheering you on.

Leagues come and go. And the NFL is no exception.

Plus football causes brain damage. Who wants to encourage that? (I was long a football fan.)

(From TownHall)

– We all have our likes and dislikes, and I simply dislike the culture that has become sports today. Geez, how much can we talk about and “analyze” a game? Admittedly, I pay attention to politics as much as a sports junkie watches games, but what politicians do affects my life. What’s going on in North Korea matters much more than whether or not Tom Brady completed 50% of his passes. If North Korea lobs over a nuke, you can kiss your sports goodbye, among other things.

– Taxpayer subsidized stadiums. A significant number of sports stadiums are subsidized or are built with taxpayer dollars. Does the taxpayer get to park for free? Do they receive free admission to the game? Are they allowed to use the locker room or weight room during the week? Do they get a free “I helped pay for this stadium” t-shirt? Of course not. Government should not participate in local business other than by providing an environment where business thrives. While I commend the shrewd business owner who increases his wealth from government handouts, I do not approve of the practice and refuse to participate in something that encourages it.

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