Vast Majority Of Rahm Emanuel’s Donors Get Money From City Of Chicago

No… Not Rahm…In Chicago? Chicago’s not a hell hole of corruption. I mean only good politicians without a “smidgen” of corruption come from Chicago. This news is truly shocking…

(From The Daily Caller)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has received $3.1 million in donations toward his potential campaign for a third term, and nearly 70 percent of those funds come from donors who get money from City Hall, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The $2.1 million in donations comes from 83 donors who are either seeking or have received contracts, building permits, or other kinds of benefits from the city, the Tribune reported Friday. The fundraising style is nothing new for Emanuel’s campaigns, however, as media investigations from 2015 showed that 60 percent of the Democrat mayor’s most loyal donors received benefits from City Hall. Emanuel’s office has been quick to deny wrongdoing, however.

I’ll bet they have. Nothing to see here. Just the Obama/Ayers/Emmanuel/Daley/Jackson machine at work. All on the up and up. Don’t worry. Chicago’s voters don’t seem to be.

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