Victory for The University of Virginia: Rolling Stone puts itself up for sale

It’s not just the debunked UVA rape story and the awards Rolling Stone had to pay for publishing that bit of fiction, print in general is in obvious trouble generally. But UVA very likely pushed Rolling Stone over the edge.

I used to be a subscriber and an avid reader. The lone “conservative” voice at the magazine, PJ O’Rourke was an inspiration to me through the years. I have a book of Rolling Stone covers on my office bookshelf. But in recent years the magazine just meandered. With the big exception of Matt Taibi, a solid lefty who has done some excellent work on the issue of crony capitalism, it wasn’t that interesting. The headlines were just stupidly partisan. The edge gone. Political correctness filled the pages.

So are we sad to see the end of Jann Wenner’s era at the magazine? (Really for many years he WAS the magazine.)

Before the false UVA rape story? Yes. In light of the false UVA rape story? No.

“Goodbye is too good a word babe…So I’ll just say – Fair the well” – Bob Dylan, Don’t Look Back