Angry Jets fans convinced NFL is rigged

I was talking to a long time NFL fan tonight. He’s stopped watching the league this year. We did also a long time ago for reasons different than our friend, but I guess there are still some fans out there. We have no opinion on the play as we didn’t see it.

But the above headline caught our eye.

The NFL couldn’t be rigged. (?) I mean in theory it could be, but it would be suicidal to rig games. Almost literally. Billions are wagered on games every week with the assumption that the league is a fair “market.” If it was revealed the the NFL wasn’t a fair “market,” well, there would be some unhappy gamblers out there. Let’s just say that.

(From MassLive)

After reviewing the play, the referees ruled that Seferian-Jenkins lost control of the ball after the reception, fumbling it over the pylon. By rule, fumbling the ball out of the end zone results in a touchback and a turnover, meaning the Patriots took over.

The CBS broadcast team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts seemed puzzled by the reversed call, with Fouts calling it the “worse call (he’d) ever seen.” Many who chimed in on Twitter — especially Jets fans — agreed with Fouts. Here’s a look at how the internet reacted to the controversial call.

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