Bernie Sanders: ‘The Democratic Party Is in Trouble’

It is. On this we agree with Senator Sanders.

He won’t say it (though he’s come close a couple of times) but we will.

The politically correct identity politics of the current Democratic Party is ravaging it like a cancer. (Though it must be said that the Dems certainly deserve to be ravaged.)

Of course it could be worse for The Pelosi Party. The Republicans are still trying to figure out what it is they stand for.

(From The Observer)

Sanders explained that the Democratic Party has shifted its focus to parts of the country where wealthy donors are concentrated. In doing so, Democrats have written off large regions of the United States, effectively ceding them to Republicans. “What has happened I think is the Democrats became a party of the upper middle-class on the West Coast in the East Coast, here in New York City, and they forgot. They forgot that while the economy under Obama did improve, surely from where he took over after the Wall Street debacle, the truth was and is that millions and millions of people are struggling to put food on the table.”

Sanders noted that economic despair is worsening for younger generations who are on a trajectory toward a lower standard of living than their parents. “That is the reality the Democrats kind of forgot about.” He added, “This is not complicated stuff. You have to address the people who are hurting right now. There is incredible pain in this country right now. Incredible pain.”

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