Darn this is funny, From SLATE Oct 8, 2016 : “Donald Trump is never going to be the president of the United States.” (Plus the whole Election Night implosion at TYT)

A friend of mine just sent this one up. Trump ain’t perfect. He might not even be good on many (many) things. He’s got a serious crony streak. 2016 was a battle of cronies. However, boy was election night 2016 FUN!

Watch this video of “The Young Turks” from that night. Oh – my – goodness…

But the below article is fantastic too. What arrogance. What blindness. What stupidity.

This guy, along with most of the media establishment was eating serious crow on Thanksgiving 2016. Crow, basted in tears.

Thank God for the Internet. And you wonder why these folks lost their minds. They thought they had it sewn up. They were so sure.

(From Slate)

Donald Trump is never going to be the president of the United States. As we sit and digest each successive leak of damaging material, each un-endorsement, each Trump threat to attack Hillary Clinton in the most personal terms imaginable, the fact remains that Trump has almost surely destroyed his chance of ever becoming the most powerful man on Earth. The discussion will now slowly shift to Republican hopes of shoring up down-ballot races and (just wait) the creation of Trump TV. But we cannot and should not forget: A couple days ago it was still fathomable that America could have voted into office the biggest threat to the country in decades…

…The problem with treating Trump’s candidacy as being so deathly serious, however, was always that, in addition to being a racist demagogue, Trump is also a buffoonish jerk who tweets at 3 a.m. and loves nothing more than to put on a show. So even when he gained in the polls and ticked up past 40 percent on some forecasting sites, to many, he was still a joke. The leak of Trump’s disgusting remarks on Friday, although putting a near end to his chances, in a way also reinforced this idea. Just look at how ridiculous and gross he is, I heard more than one person say. Today, it might feel inevitable that he would crash and burn, and it was always likely. But it wasn’t a sure thing. We could have elected him.

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