Fear and loathing on Hillary Clinton’s grievance tour

Hillary still can not believe she lost. Many of her fans likewise have yet to come to terms.

We see it here. More and more information is now coming out about the Clintons and Uranium One and the Trump dossier, but the “I’m With Her” folks don’t want to believe it. It’s not real if they refuse to hear it. LALALALALALA!!! Did I just read what I just read? Unsee! Unsee! Russia! Putin! Misogyny! Trump!!!

Thing is it IS real. The stories are happening. Hillary was deeply in bed with all sorts of foreign and corporate entities – which we’ve long documented. Hillary may be the most corrupt person to run for president in either of the 2 major parties in the last 100 years. She thought she was a shoe-in and that she was pretty much above the law.

(From The Week)

Clinton was here in the appropriately named Hill Auditorium allegedly to promote her new memoir, What Happened. It was the first book tour event that I have ever heard of charging admission, much less offering tickets — mine were among the cheapest — at prices that could easily get you into the Michigan-Ohio State game. There are 3,500 seats in the auditorium, and all of them looked full.

But the really extraordinary thing was that Clinton didn’t actually seem to want to talk about her book. What I heard instead sounded a lot like a cry for help…

…Even the perfect storm of phantom missing voters, Igor’s premium Twitter ads, Comey’s partisan treachery, obviously credible-sounding rumors about victims of ritual slaughter disguised as pepperoni, and the wholly unexpected advent of the pesky Electoral College in the midst of Cold War II is not exhaustive of the reasons why Clinton believes she really should be sitting in the White House right now. It’s also the left’s fault, you see.

Clinton said that, like the alt right, the “far left,” by which she seemed to mean supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, are basically all misogynists. “They say they don’t have a problem with all women, just this one woman. Then who is a woman they will support?” I don’t know, Madame Secretary, maybe Jill Stein, the preferred candidate of the hippie outside the auditorium who was handing out pamphlets calling you a war criminal? Elizabeth Warren? Rosa DeLauro? Someone who, you know, actually represents their views and does not think reinstating Glass-Steagall would be pointless and actually sees the downside of deliberately escalating tensions with major foreign powers who share our commitment to defeating ISIS.

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