Flake to ‘Morning Joe’: “I Could Not Win In A Republican Primary, That’s The Bottom Line”



These guys act like a lightning bolt just came out of the blue. Like they have no idea what is going on in the country. The voters turned on him you see. It’s their fault.

He might as well have just said;

“Me? I’m a reasonable guy. But I’ve got to deal with the “deplorables” in the primary. And you know how those “deplorables” are. Especially the desert variety we have in Arizona. It’s so nice being on the show with you Joe. You and Mika are so reasonable. Unlike the Arizona voters who supported me for years.”

(From Real Clear Politics)

I could not win in a Republican primary,” Flake acknowledged. “That’s the bottom line. It’s not that you just have to meet with the president on policy. You can’t question his behavior and still be a Republican in good standing, apparently, in a Republican primary. So, you know, in poll after poll, you’ll see that majority of Republican primary voters — that’s kind of a subset of a subset — are firmly behind the president’s policies.”

Flake was baffled that “standing with the president” is the most important policy item with GOP primary voters. Flake said this is not unique to Arizona.

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