Graham: ‘The war is headed to Africa’ (The neocons want war on EVERY continent)

Antartica might be spared but who knows? Maybe ISIS will set up a training location on the Ross Ice Shelf and we’ll have to go in and take that over too.

(From CNN)

“The war is headed to Africa, Graham said. “It’s beginning to morph. As we suppress the enemy in the Mideast, they’re going to move, they’re not going to quit.”
Graham also said “the rules of engagement are going to change,” and explained that the US approach to counterterrorism operations will be more aggressive, moving to what he called “status-based targeting.”
“So, if you find somebody who’s the member of a terrorist organization, then we can use lethal force, they don’t have to present an immediate threat,” he said.
The war hasn’t “moved” to Africa. It’s long been there but we’ve been wise to stay out (mostly) of the only hell hole worse than the Middle East and Afghanistan. But, but, terrorism! We must go into subsaharan Africa! For America!
However “terrorism” isn’t the main concern for these guys. China’s expansion in Africa, which is already well under way and has been for years, is. But terrorism. You know because the American people will send their sons and daughters to die where ever Lindsey Graham thinks it’s a good idea. Got to protect the Empire and it’s “interests.”