If You Think Trump Is a Fascist, You Should Oppose Gun Control

“Trump’s a fascist! Take my gun rights away!!!”

That makes sense.

Of course this makes about as much sense as some people’s perceived definition of fascism-socialism.

By the way I don’t see Trump as any more fascist than Bush or Obama, both of whom expanded the crony capitalist system. (Fascism-socialism IS crony capitalism. Thomas Sowell called Obama a flat out fascist.)

(From Reason)

Which brings us back to gun control, something countless liberal pundits and Democratic congresspeople are breathlessly demanding right now. How on earth could anyone believe both that Trump is a fascist and that it’s a good idea for a federal government he runs to take guns away from law-abiding citizens? If Trump is a budding Mussolini—let alone something worse—then you shouldn’t want to give him the power required to wage a war on guns. Keep in mind that many gun owners are people of color, who would be (and frequently have been) disproportionately affected by enforcement of new gun laws. Indeed, if Trump wanted to further damage immigrants and communities of color, eroding their rights and jailing their men, he could find no more powerful tool than a license to confiscate guns.

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