Judge Napolitano: Can the Government Keep Us Safe?

Shall we just “live” life in a police state? Shall we just abdicate our rights as free citizens, free human beings, because of fear? When the thunder comes shall we all huddle together and look longingly to our “masters” for guidance and protection? When the lightning strikes will we run around like hysterical farm animals? Will we live in fear of the next storm? And then the next. And then the next?

Or will we accept that life is risky at times and that we can’t expect to be safe all the time?

(From Townhall)

Notwithstanding the oath that all in government have taken to uphold the Constitution, many in government reject the Second Amendment. Their enjoyment of power and love of office rank higher in their hearts and minds than does their constitutionally required fidelity to the protection of personal freedoms. They think the government can right any wrong and protect us from any evil and acquire for us any good just to keep us safe, even if constitutional norms are violated in doing so.

Can the government keep us safe? In a word, no.

This is not a novel or arcane observation but rather a rational conclusion from knowing history and everyday life. In Europe, where the right to keep and bear arms is nearly nonexistent for those outside government, killers strike with bombs and knives and trucks. In America, killers use guns and only stop when they are killed by law-abiding civilians or by the police.

The answer to government failure is a candid recognition that in a free society — one in which we are all free to come and go as we see fit without government inquiry or interference — we must be prepared for these tragedies.

We must keep ourselves safe, as well as those whom we invite onto our properties.

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