Maxine Waters’ Campaign Wrote Off Over $10,000 Spent on ‘Hamilton’ Tickets as Fundraising


Maxine Waters writes off $10,000 in tickets to a show about the founding father of American crony capitalism. This has an almost zen quality do it. Snake eating its tail and all that.

Oh, Maxine Waters, you keep us interested. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are fun to watch.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ (Calif.) campaign committee wrote off over $10,000 in tickets for the Broadway hit “Hamilton” as a fundraising expense, according to a new report.

The House campaign committee Citizens for Waters paid $10,747.15 for the tickets for the popular Broadway show on Aug. 26, according to a Federal Election Commission report of receipts and disbursements. A reporter tweeted out an image of the filing on Monday:

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