Newt Gingrich: Smug And “Morally Superior” Leftists “Are The People Orwell Wrote 1984 About”

“No. That is what is frightening. These people are totalitarians. These are the people that Orwell wrote 1984 about. These are people who believe sincerely in their right to crush you…”


I am paraphrasing someone and I forget who, who said that “Fascists don’t always wear jackboots and march in goose-steps. Sometimes they wear sensible tweed sport jackets.”

Is that ever true, though the more appropriate word is “totalitarian” not “fascist.”

(From Real Clear Politics)


If Hillary [Clinton] had won, [Weinstein] would not be a story — they would have smothered it because it so directly brings up Bill and Hillary.

And so, in that sense, this is a story that could only emerge when we have someone new in the White House.

In the old days, people like Weinstein –and this would make an amazing movie or novel– people like Weinstein, it is not just him. There are people who have the power to go to various news publications, and the various women’s publications and say they can get a star to be on the cover of your magazine. ‘You really want to pick a fight with me?’

With the democratization of media, there are too many small people out there to bribe…

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