NFL’s cratering ratings may be starting to hit Fox’s bottom line


Like I said in a recent post, I talked recently to an NFL fan of many decades who has completely turned his back on the league. We both agree that if the NFL was to die it probably would be just fine and also would probably save the brain cells of many an aspiring football player.

Another friend (online friend) said that he’d stopped watching 3 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that he had a whole lot more weekend to play with. He finished his post with the hashtag #NFLMAKESYOUFAT.


(From CNBC)

Declining football game television ratings will cut into Twenty-First Century Fox’s earnings, according to one Wall Street firm.

Credit Suisse lowered its price target and earnings per share forecasts for the media company, citing Fox’s poor Sunday NFL ratings…

…”NFL ratings [are] weak so far,” he wrote. “This was negatively impacted during the first 2 weeks by hurricane disruption, but is disappointing given the soft comps – if ratings do not improve materially, we see a potential headwind to domestic advertising revenues in Q2/Q3 ’18.”

As a result, Sheikh reduced his first-quarter earnings per share estimate for the company to 46 cents from 48 cents. He also lowered his forecasts for fiscal 2018 and 2019 earnings per share by 1 percent.

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