Nominee for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention may soon set safety levels for chemicals he defended in Washington DC

The regulatory world is a weird one, especially as one gets off of the well worn paths with which lay people are familiar. Many important decisions, decisions that impact your life and mine, are made quietly in the stone and reinforced cement buildings flanking the Mall in DC. There are few reporters walking these red tape choked halls, but occasionally something in this bureau centric world generates a headline that people outside of the agency or industry care about.

(From the Intercept)

Chemical safety advocates say the overlap between Dourson’s work and the chemicals under EPA scrutiny isn’t surprising. “These companies aren’t hiring Dourson if their product is hunky-dory,” said Jack Pratt, chemicals campaign director for the Environmental Defense Fund. “He comes in when they’ve got a fire. Over and over, he’s the guy that chemical companies hire when some regulator looks at their products and might potentially set a regulation.”

This coziness with industry has led environmental groups to wage a vocal campaign against Dourson, one of four nominees to high-level EPA positions being considered by the Senate’s Environment and Public Works committee this week.

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