Scientific American: The Unfortunate Fallout of Campus Postmodernism, “Madness”

“These books cause politically incorrect thought patterns!


It is madness. The PC Brigades consist of people who appear to have never been taught anything but the cultural Marxist critique. They just aren’t educated. As Camille Palglia said in a video we posted last week, these kids have been willfully denied a REAL EDUCATION. Where is Aristotle? Where is the Shakespeare? Where is the John Locke? Mark Twain? Ray Bradbury? Where are the rest of the great tracts of Western Civilization, indeed of all civilization.

Check the Grievance Studies building parking lot at your local college. There are big piles of books there. And kerosene.

(From The Scientific American)

How has it come to this? One of many trends was identified by Weinstein in a Wall Street Journal essay: “The button-down empirical and deductive fields, including all the hard sciences, have lived side by side with ‘critical theory,’ postmodernism and its perception-based relatives. Since the creation in 1960s and ’70s of novel, justice-oriented fields, these incompatible worldviews have repelled one another.”

In an article for on “Methods Behind the Campus Madness,” graduate researcher Sumantra Maitra of the University of Nottingham in England reported that 12 of the 13 academics at U.C. Berkeley who signed a letter to the chancellor protesting Yiannopoulos were from “Critical theory, Gender studies and Post-Colonial/Postmodernist/Marxist background.” This is a shift in Marxist theory from class conflict to identity politics conflict; instead of judging people by the content of their character, they are now to be judged by the color of their skin (or their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, et cetera). “Postmodernists have tried to hijack biology, have taken over large parts of political science, almost all of anthropology, history and English,” Maitra concludes, “and have proliferated self-referential journals, citation circles, non-replicable research, and the curtailing of nuanced debate through activism and marches, instigating a bunch of gullible students to intimidate any opposing ideas.”

Students are being taught by these postmodern professors that there is no truth, that science and empirical facts are tools of oppression by the white patriarchy, and that nearly everyone in America is racist and bigoted, including their own professors, most of whom are liberals or progressives devoted to fighting these social ills.

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