Senate defeats Rand Paul’s attempt to cut $43 billion in spending


The Military Industrial Complex is almost pure crony capitalism/straight up socialism, but many (most) in the GOP continue to make taxpayers pay for it. The Pentagon should be cut along with the rest of government. It is one of the core nodes of crony capitalism and has long taken Republican oriented voters for a ride. Our military should be lean and excellent. Not a bloated works program like it is now. It is ridiculous that the GOP continues to protect these contractors and government employees. How about protecting the taxpayers?

(From The Washington Times)

The Senate on Thursday soundly rejected Sen. Rand Paul’s attempt to cut $43 billion out of the 2018 budget plan, after he had said lawmakers were simply using a technicality to get around spending caps and plus up defense funding.

Mr. Paul’s amendment failed on a 5-95 vote, with GOP Sens. Steve Daines of Montana, Jeff Flake of Arizona, James Lankford of Oklahoma, and Mike Lee of Utah voting with Mr. Paul.

“We have a $20 trillion debt — it’s about whether we’re serious about tackling that debt,” Mr. Paul said, saying leaders plan to “hide” the additional money in a special war fund to get around the spending caps.

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