Steele dossier farce shows why Trump relies on Twitter


(From The Hill)

The Washington Post’s effort to keep the Trump dossier alive borders on farce. Are not Steele and Simpson now defendants in courts in LondonFlorida and Washington, D.C., where they are being asked (and, eventually, are likely to be compelled) to describe their sources?

Do we not have several congressional committees whose majority members are anxious to learn about their sources? Do we not have an independent counsel presumably investigating the Steele dossier?

If the Post, other mainstream media outlets and the Democrat establishment really want answers, should they not be clamoring for Steele’s and Simpson’s testimony? I do not believe they are, and why might that be?

Consider the precedent that the Steele dossier sets for American electoral politics. An opposition party can cook up some terrible charges that cannot be disproven one way or the other. If the target of the attack is disliked by the establishment media, he or she will be required to supply the burden of proof against the charges that, as the Post has found, cannot be proved or disproved.

This is exactly the position in which President Trump has been placed, regarding the Steele dossier. Is there any wonder why he resorts to Twitter? That is his only means of defense.

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