The dam holding back school choice will soon collapse

Let’s hope so. Schools are for the children, not the teachers. The unions seem to have forgotten this.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The teachers’ unions blockade, which deprives poor children of good education, is starting to crack.

The latest fissures are created by¬†a study of the country’s largest private school choice program. According to researchers, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, which provides vouchers, increased college enrollment rates by about 6 percentage points for students who participated at all. For those who were in the program for four or more years, the college enrollment rate was as much as 17 points higher.

Before anyone leaps to suggest that this really just means those schools cream off the best students, opponents of school choice should know that children in the program disproportionately come from families with low incomes and, before joining the program, were mostly at bad public schools and did poorly on tests.

The source of this new information is not what opponents might think of as one of the usual suspects. It was not some conservative think-tank, but the left-leaning Urban Institute, a think-tank founded by Lyndon B. Johnson.

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