The Regulatory Capture of Fitness and Nutrition and its Impact on CrossFit



Ostrolenk speaks with Russ Greene, Director of Government Relations and Research for CrossFit, on potential regulations that threaten CrossFit operations and more broadly on how these legislative actions represent the regulatory capture prevalent in our country. Since its founding in 2003, CrossFit has grown to encompass 14,000 gyms and affiliated business, all of which are broadly permitted to set their own rules of operation. Legislation has since been proposed that requires personal trainers to have licenses to operate that excludes CrossFit credentials as a qualifying license. This would require CrossFit trainers to obtain licensing from the competitors who are lobbying for this legislation. Greene further explains the role of the food and beverage industry behind the advocacy for this legislation, and how it has resulted in regulatory capture of the organizations – including the CDC – who are tasked with protecting the American consumer. To learn more about Russ Greene’s work, follow his blog.

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