These Doctors Got Fed Up With Insurance. Now They Treat Their Patients Like Valued Customers.



What a concept huh?

The core problem, I mean deep down fundamental problem with medicine in this country is that people see it as magic. Especially when it comes to the economics of medicine. Government, doctors, and consumers operate in a bizarre netherworld of red tape and patient codes and over treatment and government mandates and inefficiency. It’s screwed up. And let’s be real clear. GOVERNMENT SCREWED IT UP.

(From Reason)

One of the most profound changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act is that it drove thousands of independent doctors to throw in the towel and join large hospital networks. This is particularly true of primary care doctors. As the rules involving medical records, billing codes, and prior authorizations have gotten more complex, physicians find they can’t survive without joining large health care networks. And they’re becoming increasingly demoralized.

Today there’s a small but growing movement of doctors who are opting out of the traditional health care system by no longer accepting insurance. This new approach is is called “direct primary care,” but it’s essentially a throwback to an era before insurance companies were responsible for covering routine services like ear infections or strep cultures.

When companies like Aetna, Blue Cross, and Oxford started signing the checks for even minor health care expense, it had a destructive impact on the doctor-patient relationship. The direct primary care movement is an attempt to reverse the damage.

Please, please reverse the damage of all this central planning. It is a crying shame what Obamacare has done to independent doctor offices.

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