This Guy Documents Nearly A Year Of Quality Problems With His Tesla Model S


I have an online acquaintance who has pretty much extended adolescence indefinitely, and appears to be having a good time doing it. He recently bought a Tesla.  However, like the guy in the attached article, my online acquaintance has had absolutely nothing but problems with his Tesla. At sub-10,000 miles it has been in the shop over and over.

Plus, is it me or does the Tesla’s styling feel dated already?

(From Jalopnik)

A Tesla owner named Tyler Martin recently uploaded a video to YouTubechronicling every issue he’s had with his 2016 Tesla Model S. The video is 25 minutes long because Tyler has a lot to talk about.

Among the issues he mentions are paint imperfections, a dusty touch screen, and poor trim alignment on the door—these were what he found on the day the car was delivered. Other issues quickly crept up, but Martin waited about six months and 3,000 miles before taking his new car to a service center. When he did, he mentioned to the technicians that his electric driver-side mirror would only unfold partially; he had to physically push it the rest of the way.

All eyes are on Tesla right now as the company goes through “production hell” trying to fulfill hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for its make-or-break new car, the Model 3.

The Delorian was subsidized too you know.


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