Trump tax cuts gain momentum as Rand Paul goes ‘all in’



The single most important thing we can do is cut taxes and cut them deeply. In a close second is the need to cut spending. But if we have to “starve the beast” first perhaps we must do it. However, the beast MUST be slain. Or at least shrunk significantly.

Let’s get the cuts done. And then go to town on the bureaucracy.

(From Reuters)

Paul responded with his own tweet, saying, “I’m all in for tax cuts @realDonaldTrump. The biggest, boldest cuts possible – and soon!”

The Kentucky Republican had said he would not vote for the budget measure unless it in kept in line with previously enacted federal budget spending caps.

Republicans are still hammering out their tax legislation after releasing an initial outline. The administration has said it would deliver up to $6 trillion in tax cuts to businesses and individuals.

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