Wisconsin (Students) Call for Plaque Near Lincoln Statue Recognizing His ‘Brutality Towards Indigenous Peoples’

Why have statues to anyone anywhere?

I’ll bet that any statue of almost any historical figure could be objected to for some reason. Some for worse crimes than others. But there are people who hate Mother Theresa because her approach to poverty doesn’t jibe with their politics. There’s always a wrong to find. Always.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor has shot down a student government request that a plaque be placed near an on-campus statue of Abraham Lincoln describing what they see as the president’s culpability in massacres of Native Americans.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank said she was not open to making the Associated Students of Madison’s desired change to the statute that has sat at the heart of the campus for over a century, student paper the Daily Cardinal reported.

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