WSJ Editorial Board: “FBI’s role in Russia’s election interference must now be investigated.”

A bold statement from arguably America’s most important newspaper, made before the Manafort indictments. There are bullets flying every which way in this fight. Is it me, or does it feel like “justice” isn’t being done. It’s all just an ugly scrum.

And don’t forget Mueller and Comey are good buds. So that’s good.

(From The Business Insider)

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called this week for a full Russia investigation — not into President Donald Trump’s campaign, but into the Democratic Party, the FBI, and the special counsel Robert Mueller.

“It turns out that Russia has sown distrust in the US political system — aided and abetted by the Democratic Party, and perhaps the FBI,” the editorial began. “This is an about-face from the dominant media narrative of the last year, and it requires a full investigation.”

The editorial board argued that a Washington Post report published Tuesday “revealed” that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired the Perkins Coie law firm, which in turn retained the opposition-research firm Fusion GPS and funded a now infamous dossier containing salacious allegations about Trump’s ties to Russia. The dossier was compiled by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, who has several deep Russian sources.

“Strip out the middlemen, and it appears that Democrats paid for Russians to compile wild allegations about a US presidential candidate,” the editorial said. “Did someone say ‘collusion’?”

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