You’ve Come A Long Way Baby: Majority of Republicans Support Marijuana Legalization


All across the country College Republicans are getting together, pulling up old Youtube videos of Reagan and Thatcher chumming it up while they pull massive hits from red, white, and blue bongs handed out by the campus ROTC. They are reading old William F. Buckley (actually a long time advocate of pot legalization) tracts while striking lotus positions in places where once coeds with Herman Hesse novels struck the same poses 40 years before. (Personally I think both guys should be read.)

Now do you understand why supply-side economics works man…?

“Far out dude.”

OK, maybe this isn’t happening but it’s probably safe to say that most Republicans I know are for legal pot.

We hope Mr. Sessions is listening.

(From The National Review)

For the first time ever, a majority of Republicans support legalizing weed: 51 percent, a startling nine-point leap since just last year, according to Gallup. Overall support for legalized marijuana has hit 64 percent, an all-time, er, high. This represents, along with tolerance for interracial and gay relationships, one of the great reversals of public sentiment of my lifetime. Despite the pop-cultural image of a stoner 1970s, legalizing weed was never a popular idea with the public in the long-haired era. Support was at 12 percent when Gallup began asking the question in 1969 and never topped 28 percent in the 1970s before receding slightly in the Reagan era. Since the late 1990s, support has been on almost uninterrupted steady climb.

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