13 Baltimore City High Schools, zero students proficient in math

This is very sad. Baltimore is a city that seems perpetually challenged. But many of these challenges are of its own making.

I once spoke to a man who owned a grocery store in Baltimore. In college I sold car insurance over the phone and this fellow wanted a quote. Soon we got to talking about the economics of the city. He explained to me that he’d been serving his community – one of the more challenged areas of the city (and that is saying something) – for decades. His customers were his neighbors. He liked doing what he did. But the city was raising taxes to a level that meant he couldn’t stick around any longer. He was going to close up shop. That conversation was 20 years ago. As I understand it, things have only gotten worse.

(From Fox Baltimore)

But Project Baltimore discovered as this school’s making process, many other city schools seem to be going nowhere.

Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state test scores released this fall. We paged through 16,000 lines of data and uncovered this: Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 13 had zero students proficient in math.

Digging further, we found another six high schools where one percent tested proficient. Add it up – in half the high schools in Baltimore City, 3804 students took the state test, 14 were proficient in math.

In many respects Baltimore is a little island of the 3rd World in the heart of Maryland. And it is like this because it suffers from the same problems much of the developing world does. Chief among them, systematic cronyism. (See our links.) We bet there’s a healthy public school administration in Baltimore.

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