(A sampling of) The social media ads Russia wanted Americans to see – None of the ads cost more that $1000, Most less than $100, Some fewer than $10


I’ve got news for you. If you want to spread the word about something online you aren’t going to get very far with a 1000 bucks. Such a sum would be gone in a blink of an eye, especially in the highly competitive political news marketplace.

If this is indicative of what the powers that be have with regard to Russian ads, then the pearl clutchers need to take a valium. This looks like an ad campaign put together by a high school kid, junior high even.

But the below image is pretty funny. Oooh look. 2 comments and 3 shares! Ahhhhhhhhh! Russians!!!!



(From Politico)

Russian accounts bought thousands of social media ads on hot-button U.S. issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to illegal immigration, according to a batch of the ads released Wednesday by members of the House intelligence panel.

Here is a sampling of ads purchased by Russian-linked accounts and aimed at U.S. Facebook and Instagram users:

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