Another Minnesota Lefty Gets Taken Out by the Sexual Terror, Garrison Keillor of NPR’s ‘Prairie Home Companion’ Fired



Another exec at NPR, the Chief News Editor, was fired for similar reasons today too.

I never understood A Prairie Home Companion. It was like melatonin to me. Instant sleep. For that, I am grateful. It got me through a few long distance car trips as a child.


(From MPR)

Garrison Keillor, the creator and former host of A Prairie Home Companion, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with someone who worked with him, according to Minnesota Public Radio, which has announced it is cutting ties with Keillor and his production company.

In a statement released Wednesday, the NPR member station says it learned of the allegations in October and has retained an outside law firm to investigate them. That investigation is ongoing.

In statements to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Keillor said that he “put [his] hand on a woman’s bare back” and alleged that he had been groped by dozens of female fans.

Keillor, 75, no longer hosts A Prairie Home Companion, the show indelibly tied to his name. But he continues to produce The Writer’s Almanac. Both shows are widely carried by public radio stations across the country.

MPR says in its statement that the station and its owner, American Public Media, will no longer distribute Writer’s Almanac and will stop rebroadcasting The Best Of A Prairie Home Companion. In addition, new episodes of A Prairie Home Companion — now hosted by Chris Thile — will be given a new name.

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