At communist centenary, many Americans still believe in collectivism



That many Americans still do is absolutely a crying shame. People still fall for the siren song of socialism. No matter how many ships are dashed on the rocks.

Socialism sells heaven on earth. Lots of people want that. Tragically, they often do nasty things to other people in pursuit of this “heaven.”

(From The American Thinker)

Elections were planned for a democratic assembly, the Duma.

The Bolsheviks, however, had been agitating and organizing an alternative to the democratic reformers.  Led by Vladimir Lenin, this group of communists staged a coup on Nov. 7, 1917.

What followed was not an open society with economic opportunity and democratic institutions, much less a workers’ paradise.  Far from it.  The communists could not sustain an economy.  The regime engineered a catastrophic famine deliberately to starve to death millions of small farmers, who, the communists feared, could resist the regime’s confiscation of their land.  Millions more innocent people were murdered by firing squads or worked to death in the Gulag slave labor camps.

The Soviet Union was the first modern totalitarian regime.  Private life and private enterprise were forbidden.  Everything was political.  Spies were everywhere, watching for any deviation from dogma in thought or deed.  From its inception to its 1991 demise, the Soviet regime murdered 50 million individuals, according to the best estimates.  Other communist regimes established, abetted, or inspired by the Soviet Union – in China, Cambodia, North Korea – brought the body count as high as 150 million.

In the United States today, the media rightly deplore and ostracize bigoted brutes who march under the swastika.  When Antifa thugs parade under the hammer and sickle and do violence to peaceful demonstrators, however, they are commonly given a chorus of approval or at least tolerance among the nation’s elites, who profess to disagree with their tactics while honoring their intentions: achievement of “social justice,” which translates to socialism under ironhanded rule by elites.

Three insights help explain this morally sick phenomenon.

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